I've worked in adult education and libraries, so I enjoy facilitating groups. The main types of activities I deliver are:

Sometimes these are mostly discussion-based, but they often involve creative activities too. Examples of projects involving focus groups include:

I've delivered training in research skills to many different groups, including students, librarians, healthcare staff and volunteers, and at different levels from novice to expert. Examples of projects involving research skills training include:

Find out more about research/evaluation skills training I offer.

Many of the projects I do use creative and arts-based activities. Sometimes I work alongside an artist. Examples of projects using creative or arts-based activities include:

Read Introduction to Visual Research Methods for free.


Freely available publications about facilitation methods and activities

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'"We can do it imaginatively first!" Creating a magic circle in a radical community education setting, Studies in the Education of Adults, 2017

'How dementia is portrayed in comics', The Conversation, 2018 

'Bangladeshi Women Creating Comics', Comics Forum, 2017

The publications below are behind paywalls. But if you don't have access to these, please get in touch to request a copy or more information.

'Working with what’s there' in R. Phillips and H. Kara Creative Writing for Social Research, Bristol: Policy Press. 2021, with Andrew McMillan

'Exploring Trauma and Social Haunting through Community Comics Creation', in D. Davies & C. Rifkind (eds.) Documenting Trauma: Traumatic Pasts, Embodied Histories and Graphic Reportage in Comics, London: Palgrave, 2020

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