There's No Bus Map for Dementia

Working with a dementia peer support group and an artist to create a comic about the experiences of living with dementia.

Project highlights

  • A peer support group for people living with dementia at the Beth Johnson Foundation in North Staffordshire worked with artist Cathy Leamy to create a comic about their experiences.

  • The project came about because peer support group members felt that existing comics about living with dementia were highly negative.

  • The comic focuses on living well with dementia.

  • The aim was for people with dementia to speak for themselves in creating the comic, rather than via a carer.

  • The design of the comic considered the needs of people with dementia (e.g. not text-heavy; avoiding ‘busy’ images).

  • The project was funded by Arts Council England.

Project outputs

Project guide final.pdf

Read more about the There's No Bus Map for Dementia project

‘Co-creating a graphic illness narrative with people with dementia’, Journal of Applied Arts & Health, 2020, with Cathy Leamy

'Creating a comic about living with dementia', Age of Creativity, 2019

'How dementia is portrayed in comics', The Conversation, 2018

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