Libraries projects

Welsh Public Library Standards (WPLS) Framework 7 Development (2024), Welsh Government

Welsh Public Library Standards (WPLS) Independent Advisor Libraries (2023), Welsh Government

Scoping Study to support the creation of a cross-sector Emerging Leaders programme for members of ethnically diverse communities within libraries (2023), RLUK,  Libraries Connected, CILIP, SCONUL, WHELF & SCURL. 

Facilitating the development of a new shared Workforce and Skills Strategy for Public Libraries, (2021-22), Libraries Connected & CILIP

 The role of academic and research libraries as active participants and leaders in the production of scholarly research (2021), RLUK/AHRC

Evaluation of Leading Libraries: Transforming library leadership (2020-22), BCU (for Libraries Connected)

Review of the Sadie Massie Awards evaluation (2018-19), Portico Library 

Developing Principles for Working with Young People in Libraries (2018-19), ASCEL 

Scoping of a vision for a sector-wide portal providing access to research and the evidence-base for the information profession (2017-18), CILIP 

School Library Pack Evaluation (2014-15), Book Trust 

E-learning for researchers (2010), EMRSG (East Midlands Research Support Group)

Finding Aids and Discovery Services for Collections of Objects and Artefacts (2007-08), RIN (Research Information Network)

Digital libraries in the Classroom Programme Evaluation and Support Study (2005-06), JISC 

Evaluation and evidence-based training (2005-06), MLA-WM 

Cross-branch activity analysis (2005), Hackney Public Libraries 

Evaluation of Health Information Services Management Course (2005-07), Macmillan Cancer Relief 

Feasibility study for a children’s mobile library service (2004-05), Swansea Libraries 

Evaluation of Learning Resource Policy implemented in Chile during the 1990s (2004), Ministry of Education, Chile 

Investigating the provision of careers information in schools (2004-05), Library & Information Research Group 

Schools, public libraries and dual use libraries in Norway (2004), John Campbell Trust 

eVALUEd:  Developing an evaluation model for e-libraries  (2003-2004), HEFCE Fund for Good Management Practice.

School Libraries – A Self Evaluation Model (2002-2003), Resource: the Council for Museums, Libraries and Archives on behalf of the DfES/DCMS School Libraries Working Party. 

Collaboration between Libraries and Education:  Supporting the Learner (2002), Resource: the Council for Museums, Libraries and Archives on behalf of the DfES/DCMS Demonstration Projects Working Party. 

User Learning Needs Critical Literature Review (2002), Resource: the Council for Museums, Libraries and Archives on behalf of the DfES/DCMS Training Working Party.

The LIS Research Landscape:  A Review and Prognosis (2002), The Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP)

National Electronic Library for Health in Public Libraries (2001-2002), Resource: the Council for Museums, Libraries and Archives on behalf of the Department of Health

Children, Access & Learning:  Resource-based Learning and the Impact of Environment and Learning Cultures (2000-2002), Resource: the Council for Museums, Libraries and Archives

Evaluation of Barking & Dagenham’s DCMS/Wolfson Family Reading Project – Phases 1 & 2 (2000-2002), Resource: the Council for Museums, Libraries and Archives on behalf of the Wolfson Foundation.

Freely available publications about libraries

Developing Principles for Working with Young People in Libraries, ASCEL, 2019, with Marianne Bamkin

'Evidence Portal for information management', Information Professional, 2018, with Pete Dalton

A Report on Research to Support the Development of a Sector-wide Research Portal/evidence-base, CILIP, 2018, with Pete Dalton

'Digital inequalities and social media: Experiences of young people in Chile', Information and Learning Science, 2017, with Karine Aillerie

'The potential of educational comics as a health information medium', Health Information and Libraries Journal, 2016

Responding to concerns about online radicalisation in UK schools through a critical digital literacy approach, Computers in the Schools, 2016

'Renegotiating the place of fiction in libraries through critical literacy' in S.McNicol (ed), Critical Literacy for Information Professionals, London: Facet, 2016

'Developing a new approach to information literacy learning design', Journal of Information Literacy, 2014, with Emily Shields 

'Student attitudes towards intellectual property – and what this means for libraries', SCONUL Focus, 2013

'The shape and state of gaming in UK libraries', Library and Information Research, 2011

'Investigating the provision of careers information in schools', Library and Information Research, 2005

'Taking a planned approach to evaluation', SCONUL Focus, 2005, with Pete Dalton

'Practitioner research in libraries:  a cross-sectoral comparison', Library and Information Research, 2004

'LIS researchers and practitioners: creating a research culture', Library and Information Research News, 2002

The publications below are behind paywalls. But if you don't have access to these publications, please get in touch to request a copy or more information.

Supporting People to Live Well with Dementia: A Guide for Library Services,  Facet Publishing, 2023

Bibliotherapy, London: Facet, 2018, with Liz Brewster

Critical Literacy for Information Professionals, London: Facet, 2016

'Reading health-education comics critically: challenging power relationships' in S.McNicol (ed), Critical Literacy for Information Professionals, London: Facet, 2016

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Is research an untapped resource in the library and information profession?', Journal of Librarianship & Information Science, 2004

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'Read all about it:  The benefits of organising a newspaper day', The School Librarian, 1999

'Literacy initiatives at Brownhills', School Libraries in View, 1998