Comics projects

Comics, graphic novels and other media that combine words and images

There's No Bus Map for Dementia (2018-19), Arts Council England 

Graphic Lives: Telling Bangladeshi migrant women’s stories through graphic narratives (2017-18), Heritage Lottery Fund 

Song Lines to Impact and Legacy: Creating Living Knowledge through Working with Social Haunting (2017), AHRC


Working with social haunting: past- and present-making in two ‘communities of value’ (2015-16), AHRC 

The impact of educational comics on feelings and attitudes towards health conditions (2014-15), Wellcome Trust (Medical Humanities) 

Freely available publications about comics

‘Co-creating a graphic illness narrative with people with dementia’, Journal of Applied Arts & Health, 2020, with Cathy Leamy

'Creating a comic about living with dementia', Age of Creativity, 2019

'Using participant-created comics as a research method', Qualitative Research Journal, 2019

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'"We can do it imaginatively first!" Creating a magic circle in a radical community education setting, Studies in the Education of Adults, 2017

'The potential of educational comics as a health information medium', Health Information and Libraries Journal, 2016

The Impact of Educational Comics on Feelings and Attitudes Towards Health Conditions: Interviews with patients and family members, 2016

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'Freedom to teach: implications of the removal of Persepolis from Chicago schools', Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics, 2015

'Humanising illness: presenting health information in educational comics', Medical Humanities, 2014

'Releasing the potential of Shakespearean comic book adaptations in the classroom: A case study of Romeo and Juliet', Studies in Comics, 2014

The publications below are behind paywalls. But if you don't have access to these publications, please get in touch to request a copy or more information.

'Exploring Trauma and Social Haunting through Community Comics Creation', in D. Davies & C. Rifkind (eds.) Documenting Trauma: Traumatic Pasts, Embodied Histories and Graphic Reportage in Comics, London: Palgrave, 2020

Comics in Qualitative Research, SAGE Research Methods Foundations, 2019, with Lydia Wysocki

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’"Dude! You mean you've never eaten a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?!?" Nut Allergy as Stigma in Comic Books', Health Communication, 2013, with Simon Weaver 

'Supporting patients and family members through health education comics', Way Ahead: The periodical for health professionals with an interest in MS, 2016

'Exploring the potential of health education comics to support patients and family members', ALISS Quarterly,2016

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