Bibliotherapy projects

Reading, writing and storytelling for wellbeing

Reading is Caring Evaluation (2020-21), Scottish Book Trust

Research into Words in Mind, Kirklees (2019), Words in Mind/Third Sector Leaders Kirklees

There's No Bus Map for Dementia (2018-19), Arts Council England

The impact of educational comics on feelings and attitudes towards health conditions (2014-15), Wellcome Trust (Medical Humanities)

Freely available publications about bibliotherapy

'Bibliotherapy in the UK: historical development and future directions' , Informatio, 2021, with Liz Brewster

'Bibliotherapy in practice: a person-centred approach to using books for mental health and dementia in the community', Medical Humanities, 2020, with Liz Brewster

‘Co-creating a graphic illness narrative with people with dementia’, Journal of Applied Arts & Health, 2020, with Cathy Leamy

Words in Mind Evaluation Report, 2019, with Liz Brewster

'Creating a comic about living with dementia', Age of Creativity, 2019

'Bibliotherapy and graphic medicine' in S. McNicol and L. Brewster (eds), Bibliotherapy, London: Facet, 2018

'How dementia is portrayed in comics', The Conversation, 2018

'The potential of educational comics as a health information medium', Health Information and Libraries Journal, 2016

The Impact of Educational Comics on Feelings and Attitudes Towards Health Conditions: Interviews with patients and family members, 2016

'Reading health-education comics critically: challenging power relationships' in S.McNicol (ed), Critical Literacy for Information Professionals, London: Facet, 2016.

'Humanising illness: presenting health information in educational comics', Medical Humanities, 2014

The publications below are behind paywalls. But if you don't have access to these publications, please get in touch to request a copy or more information.

Bibliotherapy, London: Facet, 2018, with Liz Brewster

'Theories of bibliotherapy' in S. McNicol and L. Brewster (eds), Bibliotherapy, London: Facet, 2018

’"Dude! You mean you've never eaten a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?!?" Nut Allergy as Stigma in Comic Books', Health Communication, 2013, with Simon Weaver

'Supporting patients and family members through health education comics', Way Ahead: The periodical for health professionals with an interest in MS, 2016

'Exploring the potential of health education comics to support patients and family members', ALISS Quarterly,2016